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Empowered women are powerful women. Find women in your life on a mission to make the world a better place and support you to do the same" Anna Sinclair

Joanna Griffiths is the Founder and CEO of Knix and Knixteen

Anna Sinclair is the Founder and CEO of Total Mom Inc and Sinclair Creative Agency

Roxy Earle is a model, body activist and Real Housewives of Toronto star whose mission is to bring empowerment to women of all shapes an


Top100 Most Powerful
Women In Canada

Entrepreneurship Changed My life. Now I 

Change The Lives Of Others Through Entrepreneurship.

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Anna Sinclair is an award-winning entrepreneur, early-stage investor and CEO of Total Mom Inc. She produced Canada’s first & largest holistic festival for moms called “The Total Mom Show” in partnership with some of North America’s largest brands after seeing a lack of support available for moms outside of shopping experiences and meetups.


Recognized as one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women In Canada, top 50 influential women leaders, and Women of Influence, Anna has been featured in Forbes both as a contributor and Business Council member.


She grew a massive community network of moms from scratch and turned her business into a well-recognized brand, Total Mom Inc. Total Mom helps women start & grow a business while juggling motherhood with a focus on growing social and financial capital through a profitable and sustainable business model. 


Her experience working with over 350+ brands gives her the knowledge and experience to touch any aspect of a  project from top to bottom. She secured over 3 million in sponsorship dollars to date through her firm Sinclair Creative Agency Inc. where she advises both individuals and consumer lifestyle brands on branding and business strategy, content marketing, and asset development.

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The Face Of A Women Building An Empire

After immigrating from two war-torn countries and experiencing poverty & bombs, my cultural experiences combined with a 5-year psychology degree have challenged my perceptions and inspired me in unimaginable ways. I created something from nothing. You can, you will.  I manifested dream after dream and I want to help you see what's possible for you as a woman, mother, and entrepreneur.


Like many women before me, I found empowerment through the hard times. Like many new moms, my career was on the back burner...until it wasn't. You can juggle motherhood and your business and entrepreneurship and strong systems are how.



Change Maker

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Community Builder

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the Sky is the limit
through entrepreneurship

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